Our trip to Giust

While on our way to Monhegan Island in Maine (more on Monhegan coming soon), my husband and I made a brief side trip to the Giust Gallery in Woburn, Massachusetts.     
The gallery sells museum quality sculpture reproductions. My husband is a classically trained artist and part-time instructor and was thrilled when he walked through the doors of this impressive studio.
 As you can see from the photos, there's a vast array of casts available from Greek, Roman, and French (with even some contemporary pieces as well).
My husband uses casts in his atelier/art school where students can draw highly rendered works using the cast as a model for their drawings. Above, is an example of a charcoal drawing I did in his class about 9 years ago. 
The day of our visit he happily weighed the car down with 6 casts. Four of them were small-sized casts and two were somewhat larger. He was excited to be able to offer new casts for his students to work from.   
My favorite cast, above, is Winged Victory of Samothrace pictured in her new home, AT's studio.

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